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+++ Current events +++


Friday 16. May, 19.30 „cinema tent“ in Friedensgarten
“Can’t be silent” (
– A documatary about the journey of the Band “Strom und Wasser feat. the refugees”.

Saturday 17. May, 14 Uhr Art-Workshop in Friedensgarten
Public event and Design Workshop in Friedensgarten.

 Upcoming Workshops next week:
1. Theaterworkshop about escape, migration und living in Osnabrück.
2. Making a shortfilm  about migration.
3. Stories and journeys  – audio and scripts – of refugees and othe residents of Osnabrück.
All workshops take place in Freiraum Petersburg, from 15  to 19 h.
If you want to take part, contact Ingo (01577-681 33 56 | ) or come to the first day (monday, 18. May) on the terrain.


About Living inter!culture:

Hello (future) friends and family of the Kulturverein Petersburg,

we would like to invite you to a special project, which will happen in May, this year. Folks who are living in refugee centers and people without a personal refugee background, will work together, build something unique and spent time with each other for two weeks.

If this sparked your interest and you’re thinking about participating in any way, please read on!

Best regards,

the Friedensgarten Osnabrück, Kulturverein Petersburg & the Stadtteilbüro Rosenplatz.

» [Flyer] « (to share with your german speaking friends)

+++ Detailed information +++

Start is Monday, the 12th of May.
The group will consist of 40 participants (20 with and 20 without refugee background).

A mutual exchange and the time spent together in different projects and free time activities is most important.

The projects are grouped in two weeks.

In the first week (starting on the 12th, until the 17th), you can choose between one of the following projects:

(1) Designing and building the patios/courtyards of refugee buildings.

With the help of building material and color we’re going to design two courtyards of the refugee center „Rosenplatzquatier“. A playing ground for kids, benches and more – all build mainly with recycled materials.

(2) Building a meeting point in an intercultural community garden.

The intercultural community garden „Friedensgarten“ in Osnabrück needs a meeting point! With the given materials we’re going to build benches, tables and a room for social gatherings, which will be desigend and painted in an intercultural theme.
For the time of the project, we will put up a tent, where we can cook, eat and be creative together!

In the second week (starting from Sunday, the 18th of May, until the 23rd) everybody can participate in different workshops, taking place at the Kulturverein Petersburg. Here you can choose spontaneously, where you like to participate.

The workshops are centered around the topics escape and asylum in Osnabrück and are presented in 4 different forms:

  • theater
  • painting, spraying and drawing
  • dialog, singing and text
  • sculptur and form

Everyday, we meet up at 10am, to be active together! The evenings are open end, depending on the vibe. Of course there is more to this project, than „only work“, but a lot of other activities as well. So far the ideas include geocashing, climbing, biking, football (soccer) and some awesome music making. The everyday meals are provided by us.

Participating is free. If possible, donations for the food are very welcome. If you’re not directly taking part in one of the projects, but would like to support us, please do so through a donation!

Public events on both weekends

  • Sa, the 17th of May – Open art workshops at the Friedensgarten
  • Sa, the 24th of MayMusic & Art Festival at the Kulturverein Petersburg

How to participate

Please write an email, with the following infos, to: ibolm [at]

  • Which project (for the first week) are you interested in?
  • Do you have any preferences or allergies regarding the meals?
  • On which dates will you definately take part?

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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